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A group of athletes helping a poor village must stop an evil tyrant and his men from terrorizing the village.
Daew is a cop who has nailed the evil gunrunner General Yang, but his partner is killed in the case and Daew becomes depressed. However, his sister asks him to join her and some of her athlete friends to a small village to give food and toys to the villagers. What starts out as a trip to help people turns into a nightmare when Yang's men arrive at the village and take over, demanding the release of Yang or a nuclear missile will hit Bangkok. When villagers are killed left and right, Daew and the athletes must start a revolution against the tyranny before it's too late.
I give this 1 star out of 10.<br/><br/>This is the second movie I have seen from Thailand and so far, it has been a mixed picture. The first movie from Thailand that I saw was Ong-Bak. That movie had terrible story and terrible acting but the action was so awesome that it overwhelmed the terrible acting and story. The action in this movie, however, could not compensate for the terrible story and terrible acting. Don&#39;t get me wrong, the action by itself, was good but definitely not enough to overwhelm the other deficiencies in this movie. I am just glad a friend of my loaned me his copy of this movie because if I had to pay money to see it, I would be really incensed.<br/><br/>The story is about a drug kingpin who is captured by the main character, who is a police officer. Despondent over his partner&#39;s death during the capture, he accompanies a group athletes who go to some shanty village to distribute goods for the needy. However, as fate would have it, the followers of the kingpin storm into the village and take them as hostage for their leader&#39;s release. The villagers take as much as they can before they rise up and fight their occupiers.
There is no aspect of this movie that I was not completely embarrassed to behold.<br/><br/>30 minutes: Welcome to Thailand. Thailand is beautiful. Buddha is our only advocate. We are Thai. We love Thailand sooo much. Thailand is great. We are peaceful.<br/><br/>30 minutes: Random thugs out of nowhere capture a village, annihilating 100 children in the process.<br/><br/>10 minutes: Remaining villagers wailing. But whatever can they do? <br/><br/>30 minutes: THEY REMEMBER THEY ARE THAI. They listen to the Thai national anthem. They squeeze images of the good king of Thailand in their sweaty fist and say patriotic things. Then a village of completely twiggy people have some insane battle versus thugs with automatic rifles. The villagers are not unarmed, however. They attack with daunting weapons such as wicker balls, grapefruit, and a tea kettle. And of course, there is a dopey villager running back and forth through the carnage waving the Thai flag.<br/><br/>45 seconds: Character development and crying.<br/><br/>NEGATIVE TWELVE STARS

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