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Quickload Quicktarget Ballistic Software Download > http://shurll.com/9n5iu

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Quickload Quicktarget Ballistic Software Download

In the screen-shot below, data is plotted based on 2% incremental increases of Varget:. The program containes 8 different functions for sport shooters, hunters and reloaders. This allows the you to not only have a record of all guns on disk, but also to have a hard copy of the guns owned. The alternate loading table calculates pressures and velocities for both the suggested powder group and the alternate powder group. Very handy. What you can do is create a custom cartridge file. The program includes three tables that can be modified by the user.

Always reload conservatively and always double- and triple-check QuickLOADs output against reliable load data supplied by the powder-makers. As an experiment we changed the weighting factor for the 6BR to 0.45. It has programs in it like figuring Firearms Recoil, Ballistic Coefficient of a bullet, Hatcher' RSP, Knockout Blow, Standard Deviation, Muzzle Velocity from Instrumental Velocity, And the Only place the get the Francies Incapacitation Index and many other utilities. RRO also has the ability to help you when creating a series of loads for testing new powders and bullets. Click Here to see the output. More than 1200 cartridges More than 250 powders More than 2500 bulletsAbundance of Useful OutputsCustomize cartridge selection for your firearmsDimensioned drawings and photos of many cartridges at the click of a buttonInterfaces with the PVM-21 and PVM-08 ChronographQuickLOAD/QuickTARGET $152.95 Fast, accurate and easy! . With QuickLOAD you can get the program to generate a list of appropriate propellants, based on the criteria you set. However, we will say thiswhen using QuickLOAD to compare 6BR loads with Varget, Norma 203B, IMR 4895, and Vihtavuori 135, QuickLOAD correctly ranked the powders in terms of probable max pressure limits, and predicted actual velocities within about 25 fps for all four powders. WINBALLISTICS ver. Once again this allows the you to not only have a record of all loads on disk, but also to have a hard copy of the loads developed.

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